Thursday, May 30, 2013


10 days to go, and Robert and I are so ready.  But more than that, we are prepared.  I haven't even had the usual "we landed in Uganda and I forgot our malaria meds" dreams.

On Sunday, during the sermon, Molly wrote this:

I love it.  It's my prayer too... to be prepared to DO the things God has prepared me to do.  Since Sunday, I've been thinking about this.  Pondering what it is that God is preparing Molly to do, but also wondering if I'm prepared to do what He's got planned.  

Many of you know the story of how I ended up working in Uganda, so I'll give the short version:  God first called me to Africa when I was 10.  By the time I was a teenager, I knew I'd work with orphans.  After college, I expected to go open an orphanage in Africa.  God had other plans -- a husband and four children. In the midst of this, He told me, "25 years... like it was for Abraham."  I believed at that point that I would raise my own children and then go to Africa.  Instead, when I was 35 ... 25 years after He called me... I got to go!  I was prepared.  

This week, I've had several God instances that have made me know this is the word of the week.  On Tuesday morning, I went to the Dripping Springs CVS to order my oral typhoid vaccine and our malaria meds.  Naturally, I expected them to need to order the meds.  Instead, the pharmacist said, "when would you like to pick these up?"  THEY HAD THEM IN STOCK!!!  What, truly, are the odds that someone is going to come to the CVS in Dripping Springs, TX and need an oral typhoid vaccine??? That's prepared.  

Last night, I was helping Paige prepare her 80s outfit for her decades project at school.  I went to my hope chest to retrieve my 1985 Teen Magazine in order to prove that my ideas about big hair and scrunch socks were not made up.  There, from the same year, was my USA for Africa poster.  

I smiled so big (and sang so loudly!) because I knew, even then, in 1985, when I listened to the cassette, that I was going to be doing that someday.  We are the World was my theme song for awhile.  Even then, through MTV, God was preparing me to do what He was calling me to do.  

Sometimes people make comments about my bravery or say, "I could never do that!"  I need you to know that I don't do it because I'm brave or rugged (and all those who know me said, "Amen!").  I do it because this is what I have been preparing for my whole life.  My dad used to tell me that you had less to fear if you were prepared (no worries about a flat tire if you know in advance how to handle it).  That's why I can go to Africa with no fear. God has prepared me.  

Two years ago, during Robert's first trip to Uganda, our team found a baby who had been abandoned by his mother at our makeshift clinic on the banks of the Nile River.  The baby's name was Moses and he was severely malnourished.  Several of the moms in our group were trying to get him to take some milk with a syringe, and one said, "I think he needs skin contact."  Robert immediately took off his shirt (something none of the moms could do!), and held the baby so that he could be fed.  See, Robert's baby cousin Carleigh LOVED skin-to-skin contact, and every time we were with them, he would take off his shirt to hold her.  At age 9, God began preparing my son for this important moment, when he would be required to know how to hold a baby this way.  He was prepared.  

Two days ago, the mother of one of my preschool students shared with me that God had been preparing her heart for over a year to help with my trip.  I am so grateful.  

So -- this week, as little details fall apart, and others come together, my prayer is that I would spend most of my energy on being PREPARED.  God has already made a way, He knows what He's calling us to do, and He's prepared tasks in advance for us.  All we have to do is prepare our hearts.  

Thank you for joining our preparations.  Our luggage is filled to the brim with donations, and you have offered help and prayers.  

Lord, prepare us to do what God prepares us to do.  Amen!