Wednesday, June 27, 2012


In Sunday School, we often talk about what it means to behave differently in your work life than your home life and/or church life, and typically I don't say much because I am fortunate that my "work" life is my home life. The people I come into contact with on a daily basis are women and children, and most of them come to me expecting me to behave like a Christian.

It occurred to me tonight, while I was discussing with God how hard it always is for me to leave Africa, that I might behave differently in my ministry life and my home life. In Africa, my days are open to what He has to show me. I am talking to Him constantly about what I am seeing or doing, and most importantly, I am always looking for the person He would have me minister to. In America, while I start my day asking God what He has in mind, and try to leave room for Him to arrange my day, the truth is that the holes are much smaller in my schedule. In the busy-ness of what I think I need to accomplish, am I missing the people He would have me minister to because it is inconvenient or "messy?". Here, I'm totally willing to get absolutely grossly messy to do His work. Why not in the States? Am I willing to love on someone He has put in my path if it messes up my plans, my clothes, my "normal?"

Sunday School friends, thanks for being patient with me as I've been kind of slow at getting this thing that you've all been wrestling with for awhile. I want to be the same person everywhere--- in Africa, in my home, at HEB--- everywhere. And I'm pretty sure I'd like to be my African self! ;-)

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