Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We are through security and are sitting in the airport waiting so expectantly for our flight that some of us can hardly sit still!

As I think about our preparations for this trip, I have had to set aside all of my expectations. My plans for work that I'd like to see done while we're there, my imaginings about how things will go, even my desires for "good things" to happen-- these all have to be erased in order to create a blank canvas on which God can paint His masterpiece.

One expectation that I had when we began planning this journey was this: I wanted to see Baby Moses again-- healthy. For those of you who don't know the story, Moses was an 18 month old baby abandoned at the site of one of the medical clinics we set up last year right on the bank of the Nile. He was so malnourished that most of us did not expect him to make it through the day. God had a miracle planned, though, and not only did he make it through the day, Baby Moses ended up in the hands of Renee at Serving His Children in Jinja. Renee takes in malnourished children and teaches their caretakers how to care for them. Eventually, Moses was healthy enough to return home with an aunt, and we were very excited about the possibility of holding him again. That won't be possible, though, because Moses passed away on Christmas Eve. We all had our own plans for his life (perhaps making him the first child in the orphanage being built on the site where he was found, getting to play with him again, comparing "before and after" pictures, etc.), but God used Moses' brief life in a powerful way. One that reached more people with evidence of God's love, provision, and plan than most adult lives will.

Setting aside all of my own expectations and looking forward to seeing only what God has in mind...

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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  1. Jennifer-
    You are amazing! I pray for a powerful and exciting trip for you and everyone involved. So glad you set up this blog so that we can stay up to date on your progress.
    Love, Erin