Friday, June 15, 2012


This morning we presented one of the laptops we were gifted with to Edward, the accountant at the hotel who handles our finances. He was one huge smile, then some tears, and then he just kept saying, "I am overwhelmed.". All I could say was, "me too!".

This afternoon we headed to the village of Njeru to do some work for the God is Grace ministry.
The money that was sent ahead was enough to purchase food for 150 families. We made bags that contained rice, beans, maize flour, sugar, and salt. Each bag will feed a family for 2 weeks. Crazy, since the amount of rice in each bag was the amount I would cook for my family for one night... As a side dish. When we were done, we had .... Wait for it... 352 bags!!!!
Loaves and fishes!
Overwhelmed again by God's provision and his ability to make more of our offerings.

We saw a half completed women's shelter being built just behind Henry's church, where women will come for classes in sewing and hairbraiding (always with Bible Studies). The shelter also has two rooms to be temporary shelter for women who are abandoned or cast out by their families either because they have HIV or because they were Muslim and recently gave their lives to Christ. The money for this shelter was not solicited. God planted this dream in Beth's heart, and then He laid on other people's hearts the burden to gift her with several thousand dollars at a time in order to make this happen. Overwhelming... The whole thing.

A day of scooping rice into ziplock bags... Normal, boring even.
A day of seeing God at work in Njeru... Overwhelming.


  1. I love seeing all those happy, smiling faces!!

  2. This is so great - I feel like I'm there with you!!! Thanks for the posts, can't wait to hear about all the amazing things God has in store for y'all!

  3. Jen and Robert
    Youare making this experience so are such a blessing for all the good people you are helping and you are clearly so blessed to be there
    So much Love