Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I want you to meet some of our new friends...

This is Jordan... 7 months old. He loved Robert!
Ethan -- almost 1.
Bob -- 7-8 months -- eats and falls into that "happy tummy sleep!"  
Faith -- 19 months, and sooooo loving that you have to guard the head of the baby you're holding when she's around!  (She also loves to bite Kaitlynn Dugan!) ;-)
Isaac -- 2 months -- softest hair you can imagine!
Taylor -- 5 months-- so happy to be held by Jesse, our team member. 
Namuso -- 8 months

Grace-- just turned 2. She's the "big sister" to all the children. She follows them around saying "ah, ah William" or "no Oscar!"  ;-)

Jennifer -- 16 months
Jennifer's twin, Julie -- they love each other, and fight with each other!
William -- 1year-- when it was time to move to "the baby house" for nap, crawled the other way... And started playing outside!  
Sarah -- 14 months ... Loves to play peek-a-boo!
Sarah's twin, Saman
In the black in the bottom right corner is Oscar -- 19 months and NEVER still long enough for me to snap a picture!  :-)
Michael -- 6 months -- shares that paci with about five other friends :-)
Samuel --  about 12months... Likes to roll the soccer ball back and forth!
Baby Brandon -- 5 weeks 
In the stripes on the right, Andrew-- 9 months, and bent over on the floor, baby Nicole, 6 months. 
The precious woman in the middle is Damili, the founder of Sangalo Babies. 

Damili takes in abandoned babies and cares for them. At today's count, there were 19 of them, ages 5 weeks to 2 years.  We were blessed to spend the day being extra hands. And anyone who's had even 2 preschoolers at a time in their house knows how helpful extra hands can be!!!  Imagine cloth diapers and no dryer... Only a clothesline...On a rainy day!  Today Damili pulled out some disposable diapers and said, "we have no choice today".  All morning we held and fed and played with babies!  At snack time, they got some bananas ... 17 of them (!) and fed the big kids bananas and the babies ate mashed bananas. Usually, after lunch, they all take a bath before nap. Today, though, the water was out from the storm last night. (No baby wipes!!) I wish I could show you a picture of the 16 cribs (think daycare nursery) where they took their naps, but my arms were full of babies!  

Damili has 7 women who help her, each one gets one day off a week. One lady works in the kitchen (it's a lot of bottles, rice cereal, snacks, and meals... And dishes!!), one lady does laundry (think cloth diapers, sheets, clothes, bibs...), one works the night shift, and the others hold and play with babies!  They are wonderful... They sing to the babies, say nursery rhymes, and call the children lovingly by name!  The children all respond to their own names, and call each other by name.  It's a HUGE undertaking, and Damili has 2 children of her own, 2 adopted children (all in school), and one on the way. This is not a day care that she runs, it is an orphanage, and it's 24/7. We're going back again tomorrow. Please join us in praying for these precious babies and the amazing women who care for them!!!

Damili said it would be easier of we left during naptime (I'm a mom, I TOTALLY get it!!), so we went to the Source Cafe in downtown Jinja. It's run by Christian missionaries, and is the local Starbucks. Robert got cake with icing and sprinkles, and kaitlynn and I shared brownies and tortilla chips and guacamole!!!!  Good times, and pretty amazing food. 

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