Wednesday, June 12, 2013


If a picture is worth a thousand words, today written words were worth a thousand pictures!  We went out to Agnes' orphanage today, and while I have SO much to tell you about our visit, I wanted you to just enjoy the preciousness that is children with books in their hands!  We took only books today (LOtS of them! Thank you to everyone who faithfully collected and shared them, and to Kaitlynn, who insisted I not leave a single available pound of luggage, and kept cramming in more books!!)

Seeing old and new friends... 

Patricia couldn't wait to show me her toothless smile!  :-)

Look how tall the corn we planted last summer has grown!

Still enjoying the limes!

Little Museh was wearing the glasses by the end of the day!

We saw ants in the book... And then pointed to the ones crawling on the ground around us!  

Cathy took her books to show our driver!

Joseph, in the bottom left corner, is reading the "polar lands" book. They were fascinated by penguins, whales, and what the "white ground" was in the picture. It's a stretch to explain snow to children who have never seen anything freeze!  ;-)

"Jennifah!  Look!  It is like us!"  (Thank you, Chick-fil-A!)

Grace and Rachel-- new children at the orphanage. 

Washing hands for lunch-- something not possible before there was clean water!  

They are still using the colored pencils we brought last year!

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  1. WOW - I do love pictures with kids and books - what a great experience for you guys and them!
    And by the way your son looks like a man in these pictures, it's freaking me out a little....