Sunday, June 16, 2013

More than enough

Today we got to see all of Agnes' children!  Because it was Saturday, all of the children were there!  We were so happy to see more old friends!  

When we met Ms Agnes, five years ago, they had been living with "not enough" for too long. We've worked hard and had lots of generous help getting to the point of usually having enough. Today, because of the support of so many people who love Ms Agnes, we had more than enough!  We stocked their storage room with: 100 kilos of rice, 100 kilos of beans, 100 kilos of maize flour, 50 kilos of sugar, salt, washing powder, and cooking oil!  Even for 40 children, it's a lot of food!!!  We also took a large supply of clothes and toys!  

There are some precious ladies in Kentucky who sew dresses for our girls at least once a year. They had just received some in February (many were wearing theirs), and today, we had enough to give each girl at least two more!!!  They were thrilled!  Many of them even changed clothes after lunch to show off!  :-). They also all received new undergarments! 
There were baby dolls, jump ropes, balls,  and stuffed animals. 
This little girl, Grace, named her new baby "Jennifer!"
Everyone also got a salvation bracelet and heard the story. 

The ladies made shorts for the boys too!  They all got new t shirts, shorts, and a pair or two of new underwear!
Look at these happy, well dressed children!  

One little girl wasn't feeling well (grateful for the Motrin donations!), and was well cared for by Alexis and Kaitlynn. 
The best part for Robert and me was getting to see our old friend Joshua!  Secondary school (8th grade and above) in Uganda is typically boarding school, so most of the children leave Agnes' after 7thgrade. We have just now gotten to the age among her children where this is happening more frequently. Joshua was at school last year, and we did not get to see him. It was hard to wait two years!  Today, he and Agnes made arrangements for him to come and see us!  It was wonderful!!   Even the other children at the orphanage were happy to see their brother again!  

Being able to send children to secondary school has long been a dream of all of us who help Agnes. This year, 5 7th graders all passed their exams and went to boarding school!  While they are missed at the orphanage, Ms Agnes works with a social worker named Stephen, who we got to meet today, to keep up with the children. They are typically going to school in the villages where they are from, and where many still have extended family. Africa is different from America in that no one is interested in young orphans, but once a child is older, often families are willing and able to take them back. What a blessing to be a part of raising and educating children who can return to their home villages prepared to be a blessing!  We have 2 children with only 18 months to go until they are ready for vocational school. We are praying this will be "more than enough" to prepare them for the future God has planned for them!  

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