Friday, July 15, 2016


We are here!  It was so good to be back in Uganda last night!  Keith used his Marriott points to get us a room at one (of the only 2!) Marriott property Kampala. It is beyond nice, and to get to stay here for free is a huge gift! (THANK YOU, Keith!!!!)  We took what will be our last good showers for two weeks and ate room service that cost almost nothing but was heavenly to us, and slept in huge soft beds!  Before you say, "you needed that!" or even "you deserved that!" let me be honest-- we didn't!  All we had done was fly for two days, and we love staying here, showers or not!  It was just a REALLY nice gift!  It was pure comfort! 
When we landed last night, a little boy from Colorado who was sitting a few rows in front of us yelled, "we're in AFRICA!!!"  Robert and I smiled at each other so big, because we were equally as excited!  This is my eighth trip and his sixth, and we were as excited as if it was our first!  Best part, though... It's not our first, so Robert looked at me and said, "we're home!" 
 Last night as we left the airport and headed to Kampala, I was breathing in the familiar smells of people and smoke and tropical breezes, and I was remembering what that all felt like to me on my very first trip here. My dad told me a long time ago, "Africa is an assault on your senses."  That's the best description I've ever heard. The first time I experienced this, it was overwhelming, and my excitement was coupled with curiosity and anxiety.  Now, though, it's all so familiar to us that the noises and sights and smells feel comforting. We are so comfortable in this place and with these people. It's tricky to be at home in two places on completely opposite ends of the globe, but it's also a huge gift that God lets us try!  
Today we will see the lacrosse team here in Kampala, then head to Jinja. Tonight we will stay at Ddembe, and we will see our kids!!!!!! I am fairly certain that being able to hear all of them breathing in their sleep tonight won't be quite like this fancy hotel in Kampala, but it will be even better!   

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