Monday, July 18, 2016


One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to still do kid stuff--- and be able to see it through a child's eyes. 

There are fairgrounds in Jinja not far from where we used to stay. Once a year, there is a huge fair. As it so happens, this week was the fair, and all the children were dying to go!  

Today after church and lunch, we told them we were going to the show, and they were jumping up and down!!  The seventh graders went on a school trip last year, but only saw a little bit.  No one else has ever been. It would be like growing up in Houston and hearing everyone talk about the Rodeo, but never having been yourself. 

Robert and I were excited too, because this was surely a new African adventure for us!  ;-). I did hear that they had animals "like lions, and what what..."  I told Moses I was a little nervous abut the lions at the fair and he replied, "you cannot worry. They are in cages."  (Oh, ok.) 

Njeru, where Ddembe is, is just across the Nile from Jinja. For as long as I have been coming, we make that trip so often that I sometimes forget to be awed. Today, the kids were soooo excited!  They wanted to tell me all about the Nile and how big it is and where it goes!  (Bonus part of the field trip!)

There is no possible way to describe the "Source of the Nile Agricultural Trade Show" in words. We felt like Templeton in the fair scene in Charlotte's Web!  The fair covered at least as much property as the Houston Livestock show. Outdoors. Backing to the Nile. There was loud music blaring from multiple speakers (about one in every corner!), plus the deafening voices of men on microphones and megaphones advertising their business or event. There were exhibits, swing rides, animals, vendors, concessions, face painting, balloon hats-- all of it!  Imagine that through the eyes of a child who had never experienced it!  At least Robert and I had a frame of reference!!  God smiled on us by allowing us to visit on the last day, because it was barely crowded at all. 
Photos cannot do it justice, but I can show you what we did (which was basically say "yes!" to everything the kids wanted to try!!) This, of course, was made easier by the fact that every ride cost the equivalent of 30 cents each!

We started with the swings. They call it the "circus."  
Moses, who has the precious gift of eagerness, was the only brave kiddo willing to try the high swing!
The other kids rode the low ones!

Except these two. They were having none of it..

Some exhibits of plants and farming (even John Deere was there!), then some farm animals. 
(Told you it was just like Houston!). 

Then this...
They had all heard about this from friends and were dying to go inside and ask the "Head" a question!  When they came out, they were staggering and giggling!  

More rides... This time on a camel!  

And Emma was still having none of it!

Next, the "wildlife preservation exhibit."  This time, Emma told ME not to worry!  ;-). 
There was also an African Python, Ugandan Crane, tortoise, peacock, and ostrich. Good stuff for kids who have been telling me for two years that they want to go to the zoo!  

Time for a break-- balloon hats!  
And... An inflatable slide!!!
Sodas for everyone, then time to take some tired, dirty, happy children home!  

At 6pm, driving back home, Moses said, "what are you cooking for dinner?"  I took Christy's advice and said, "stop at Igar's!"  We ordered five pizzas, waited about 40 min for them to be cooked, then came home and ate!  

Best. Day. Ever.