Monday, July 25, 2016


Kids + cakes + piping bags filled with homemade icing that is straight butter and sugar= tons of fun at Ddembe House!! 

One of the things Moses is intent on is teaching the kids skills that they can use later in life. They are learning to cook and clean and sing, and he loves to have visitors teach them things. 

Katie Karakourtis was here in the spring, and she taught the kids to crochet!  She did such a good job that now they can't stop!  They were so excited to show me what they had made since Katie left, and it's pretty impressive!  Check out these Bible carriers:

Moses told me last year that he wanted the kids to learn to decorate cakes so that they could do it for others one day. I brought all the supplies this year (thanks to MPK and some generous donations!)  

The kids had a blast!  They were so proud of every star they piped and excited to touch everything! 

 Mostly, though, they couldn't believe what it was like to pipe a star, then lick it off the practice sheet when you think no one is looking!  Some just went face first into it...

When it was time to decorate the cakes we had baked, they began with lovely, simple plans. Once we started, though, the "less is more" idea completely left the building!!  Every one of them kept making something new to add, and they all loved each addition!! They would declare their cakes "finished," then notice a piping bag with icing still in it, and go back to work!    Emma, who stared at everyone like they were crazy last Sunday at the Fair, spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen with me. He helped me bake the cakes, make the icing, and set up for decorating. He also took lots of time and pride in the cake he helped decorate!

Final products -- Proud kids who learned about making icing, filling and using piping bags and tips, using fondant, coloring icing and fondant, and trying to transfer that to an actual cake!  Oh, and of course, the cakes themselves... 

Probably not going pro anytime soon, but it was a great start!  

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