Friday, July 14, 2017


I have spent some time lately sorting through my "teacher files" which have not been touched in this millennia. (True story) Some friends have suggested I just throw it away and start over, but two things are true: 1.  I would have missed out on such gems as this:  the purple ditto with the guy with the Afro, and 2.  Good teaching hasn't changed, and there are some fantastic ideas in there that I am glad to see again, and beyond excited to use!

I did find an envelope, though, that brought back memories. It was from my dad, sent while he was working in Africa, and I was in my first year of teaching. It was filled with newspaper clippings from  Malaysia and Thailand -- ads for English teachers. See, my dad knew that I was called to Africa, and he knew that I really just wanted to be overseas, and that maybe once I was "in" that network, I could make my way to Africa, so he had his friends helping me get started. So awesome. Except it never worked. Because that wasn't God's plan. I didn't mishear my calling, but I did misunderstand the timeline. 

Molly just got back from Pine Cove, and she said, "God doesn't mess up his plans for your life."  Truth.

I'm grateful that my dad honored my calling by passing along ideas, and I'm grateful for the doors God shut along the way-- doors that, had I pushed through them instead, would have kept me from having this:  an adult (!) son living out his own calling in Uganda-- and getting to share it with him!  

Uganda, here we come!!

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