Sunday, July 16, 2017


Today was Visitation Day at both Amazima and Good Shepherd Schools. Visitation Day is like a cross between Parent/Teacher Conferences and Open House.  

The team stayed at the house with the youngest kiddos, because they didn't need to go to their conferences, and I went with Moses and Ainsley and Grace to the ones at Amazima.  Molly opened up her suitcase of art supplies, and there ere over 100 pieces of art waiting for us when we got home!!! 💚

It was great to finally see in person the school I had heard so much about, and to meet some people there (especially the friends of our friends in Dripping Springs!) It was also great to have Moses's mom, Bridget's grandmother, and Mary's dad there!  The greatest part, though, was getting to hug Moses, Mary, and Bridget, who have been there this year!!  They were excited to show us their work, and Moses was waiting to greet us wearing a medal he won for second place in the science fair!!!  

At the end of our visit, they were SO happy to get jugs of juice, loaves of bread, boxes of cookies, new soap, and of course, a HUGE bag of those daddies-- so lovingly cut and fried for them!  💚💚💚 #carepackagesarethebest

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