Saturday, July 15, 2017


We are back!  Internet has been spotty, so posts may seem kind of sporadic, but we are trying!  I asked for the wifi password when we got here late the first night, and the receptionist said, "oh, you will not get that in your room! It is only in the restaurant and under that tree."  Of course. Mercifully, our hotel room has a balcony that is fairly close to the "internet tree."  #firstworldproblems

This year, we are here with three friends-- Katie, and Diamond, who have been here before, and Molly, the art teacher at our elementary school. Because we are all here, we are staying at a hotel. The amazing thing is that it's literally about 200 yards from Ddembe House, so we can walk back and forth!  

Quick update:  at Ddembe, we have 5 new kiddos-- ages 2-8 (all younger than the kids who are already here!). They have only been here about 2 weeks, and they fit right in, and at the same time, completely change the dynamic of the house!  ;-). 

Meet Vicky, (almost 3)

Brian (4)

Timothy (7)

Jenipher  (6)

and Viola (8)

They are all absolutely precious, and have 5 new friends in us!  

We are enjoying spending time catching up with our older kids (Rogers and Patricia get the award for fastest growth this year!!), and getting to know our new kids!  We are working to help with chores, and taking care of kids.  

We spent our first night here in the kitchen for a grand total of 5 hours, (subbing out as needed!) making "daddies". Daddies are small pieces for fried sweet dough. The kids LOVE them, and tomorrow is "visitation day" at the schools, so Esther is frying up FOUR LARGE BUCKETS of them for care packages for the kids who board!  It was a sweet time of serving our boarded kids, helping Esther, and working side by side with our kids and each other. 

It's so good to spend time with old and new friends!

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