Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's ok

This morning at breakfast, Molly asked for an omelet. It never came. When we were about to leave, they remembered and asked if she wanted one. She said, "it's ok. Don't worry about it."  Then they asked Diamond if she wanted one, and she said, "oh, it's ok. I think we're about to leave."  I settled in and said, "you're both about to get an omelet!"  😉

"It's ok." To an American= No, don't worry about it. 
"It is ok." To a Ugandan= yes please, I am ok with you doing that. 

This is just one example of a tricky cultural difference between Ugandans and Americans. It's a sneaky one, too, because the only way you ever discover it is when you get frustrated enough by miscommunication to ask someone what is going on. I honestly didn't learn this one until a year or two ago, when I was working at the house. I would ask Moses if he wanted me to do something, and he would say, "it's ok."  So I wouldn't do it. Then he would wonder why I offered something, but didn't follow through!  Or someone would offer me some food and I would say, UIKeyInputDownArrow

We are working hard to be different. To learn from the Ugandans, and to ensure that we are respecting their culture. We have learned tough lessons through the years. There was the time I agreed with Agnes that we should get volunteers, and then learned that volunteers in Africa are volunteering to work for money. There was the great chicken coop fiasco at Ms Agnes', which I am believing may actually be redeemed on this trip!  Robert and Katie worked with Moses and Emma on Sunday to continue the work on the new chicken coop at the house!  Please pray that we are able to finish it!

We are going to continue to work on bridging these cultures, being more sensitive to the environment we are working in, as it continues to change, and ensuring that, no matter what, we are all working for the Kingdom. It will take a lot of work, and we are asking God to help us be different from the other organizations that have not been able to make this work. 

Thanks for all your prayers and support!!  It's worth it for these precious kiddos!! 💚

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  1. Hey Jen!! I am finally catching up on your blog! It looks and sounds like all is going well! The kids are adorable and I love seeing Robert in his MSU shirt!! Y'all are awesome and the work you all are doing is amazing!! XOX