Sunday, July 23, 2017


Some things are able to cross cultural and language lines and connect people. Music is one of those things. Art is too!  We have had so much fun for the past few days visiting classrooms at Good Shepherd, where our kids attend, so that Molly could teach art lessons!  She brought all of the supplies to teach the kids to weave, and they absolutely loved it!  Watching them relax and work, and then seeing the pride they took in their creations was priceless. There were 50-70 students in each class, and we did lessons for P1-P4, so we got to see our middle aged Ddembe kids in their classes, and the big kids were jealous! 

Yonna with his creation!
The first day went so well that Lillian, Moses' sister who is the headmistresses at Good Shepherd, invited us to visit a nursery school on Friday morning. We spread out the supplies we had brought in the hotel room Thursday night, and made a plan to create butterflies out of paper plates. We arrived in time for morning circle, which is outside, whole-school, and full of fun songs and games!  I could have stayed all day!!   Pictures can't do justice... when I am home, I will have to show you videos!!!  

Every one of those 50 kiddos took their shoes off to go inside for the lesson-- then had to find their own and put them back on when we went back outside!  

I taught the kids about the life cycle of a butterfly, and Molly led the art lesson. (Diamond was an awesome supply lady!). 50 children ages 2-5, and one chicken who wandered into the class with us!  SO MUCH FUN!


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