Thursday, July 23, 2015


There is no spiritual or deep reflective tone to this post at all... I just had to share!  

There is a large avocado tree in front of the house here. 
The avocados that grow on it are about the size of my face, and there are lots of them!  This is ok with me, of course, because I could eat avocados every day... And we are!  

On Tuesday night, Robert and I made "burritos."  We made, with Moses' guidance, homemade chapati, which is a local flatbread, to be the wraps. Robert used some of his newly acquired pizza making skills to  prepare the dough. 
Moses showed us how to cook them. (It should be noted that we have made chapati in The States, and now know all the things we were doing wrong! These were so much better!) 
I grilled chicken, and Robert made the guacamole. One of my favorite parts of this week is that Moses wants the children to learn how to cook also, and asked if I would explain to them what we are doing as we cook. I LOVE having kids in the kitchen with me, so this is a dream!  On this night, Robert was the instructor, and Yonah and Rogers, who are 7 and 8, were his VERY willing students!  ;-). 
They thought mashing the avocado was the most fun thing ever, and they especially loved it when Robert let them lick the forks after they were done mashing!  
They were amazed when Robert showed them how to spread it on the chapati,
and all of the children were baffled at the idea of dinner being "wrapped!"  

Best part-- now every time Rogers and Yonah have avocado... They mash it!  ;-)

Lest you think that I have been 100%amazing in the African kitchen, I give you yesterday's breakfast-- apparently oatmeal (regardless of the heaps of sugar I added!!!) is not a texture the kids love!
 I watched them struggling to eat it, and said to Moses, "please don't make them!  I will feed it to the chickens!"  Instead, they all gave their remaining oatmeal to Yonah, the littlest one here, because he liked it!  ;-). The chickens were happy with the rest, and now I know why they don't sell oats in huge bags here like the rice and beans!  

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