Friday, July 24, 2015

I saw the sign...

One of my favorite things about driving around Uganda is looking at the signs. (See my previous post about things that get lost in the translation!) 

Here are a few we've seen this trip... So wish I had actual pictures!  

Express beauty saloon (beer goggles, anyone???)

Hungry management (call it what it is!)

Blessed barberz saloon (the Ugandan franchise of Dripping Springs' Barbershop)

Spray painted on the side of a building:  Do not be deceived. This building is not for sale. (Keller Williams signs aren't really a thing here.)

Butchery and mobile minutes (seems legit. )

Jesus has power (mobile phone charging)

Beware of hot dog (this should perhaps be a part of food packaging, not a yard sign!)

Electrical engineer center (never mind that it has no power)

And our absolute favorite...
God bless you deep fried pork joint (amen.)

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