Monday, July 27, 2015


Today it was finally time to give the children some of their gifts!  Moses was afraid they would be too excited and distracted by the new things during the week. Final exams for this term are Monday and Tuesday, and we have been studying like crazy around here!  

As a side note, I love Saturdays!  We slept an extra hour, which made all the difference for me, and the children enjoyed breakfast and then we all spent a few hours doing chores. I tackled the project I've been dying to do since Sunday night... Cleaning the kitchen!!  We have a very nice kitchen here, and I have been praying for chlorox wipes!  In the meantime, I have been using wet wipes to clean the counters (desperate times...). This morning, when I went to my bag to get another package of wet wipes, there was ONE package of them that were chlorox wipes!  I am not even kidding!!!  We USED those 10 wipes, and... (Keith and Jill, this one's for you...)
It even smelled a little bit like home!

Rodney and Christy and their friends had put together bags for each child with a note, church clothes, and play clothes. The children were SO excited, and they changed immediately, of course!  
Giselle Pritchard, one of the 9 year old girls in my neighborhood, used her birthday party this year as an opportunity to gather shoes, and we had EXACTLY the right sizes!!!!  Praise God!  Every child got new shoes that fit! 
When they were finished getting dressed, they all got down on their knees and thanked God for the gifts and for the people who had sent them!!  

Nadia Pakes and the girls from Veritas' Shine group made puzzles for the kids (with a piece of candy inside each bag!). We had a great time putting the puzzles together, but I think their favorite part was the notes the Shine group had made!  I have NO idea how they did it, but they wrote messages like "Jesus is good" and "praise God" IN LUGANDA!!  The kids were amazed!  

My daughter, Molly, and her bestie, Olivia, sold cotton candy to buy toys for the kids, and the precious girls and families who attended Princess Prep School this summer gave vitamins (which they have taken each morning with breakfast, and have enough to last a year!!) and money. We used the money to purchase some more toys for the home, and the kids were so happy!!  We brought Connect 4 and Chutes and Ladders, and I have played no fewer than 95 games in the past few hours!  Robert chose Legos, and the kids built Legos all afternoon and evening!!  We also brought some colored pencils and markers, and it looked like my kitchen table in here!!  Sooooo much artwork!!!  

At bedtime, we weren't done!  My mom's Bible study friends made "lovies" for each child!  They were so excited and kept touching them to their faces to feel the softness!  

What a fantastic day!  Thank you to everyone who worked to help with these gifts!  We are so blessed to have a community of people who love and support the kids of Ddembe House!!  

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