Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's too much!

Sam Otoa, a Ugandan lacrosse player who worked for Fields of Growth, stopped by Ddembe House Monday night to see us (Robert!). Sam is in Jinja and has been working in local high schools coaching boys and girls' teams for  the past year, and is now working to start a men's team that could compete against the team in Kampala. Sam had requested that we bring him some defensive poles because they don't have any here. A defensive pole is six feet tall, so it's no small thing to get them on a plane. After lots of research to be sure it would work, Robert asked for donations, and we were able to bring six poles with us. When he came over, Sam brought some guys from the team with him, and when Robert gave him the poles, they all said, "it's too much!"  They couldn't believe we brought them with heads on them, and that some of them were even brand new. They were completely overwhelmed, and so incredibly grateful. "It's too much!" they kept repeating. 

I, too, have said, "it's too much!" this week, but I've been saying it to Moses (and sometimes to God!) I wrote about the house being without a house mom right now, and I need to tell you that I can't believe Moses has been doing it all. I'm trying to use my time here to give him a break, and have been doing the laundry, the cooking, cleaning, walking kids to school, etc. Robert has been a huge help with the chores and the kids.  (They study for an hour every night, and this is how Robert was helping Yonah study last night!) It's pretty much exactly like my life in America, but with twice the kids and zero machines. Let me just be real... I'm exhausted.  Bone tired. I am sleeping 4 1/2-5 hours every night, and am running on fumes already, and I've only been here for five days!  I have no idea how Moses does it, and with a smile, and I'm so grateful that he does!!  Please pray with us for Janet, the house mom, to recover quickly. Please also pray that Moses will be able to find someone to "stand in the gap," as he says, until Janet returns. 

Over the course of this week, Moses and I have had many great conversations. On the second day I was here, while I was trying to do dishes (you eventually get used to the thought that you are hand washing dishes in unclean water, but it takes a couple of days for me!), Moses commented that some mommies are better at the cooking and cleaning, and some are better at being mommies. I am sure he meant that in the nicest way!  ;-). What he actually meant, though, is that he needs a housekeeper and a house mom. We're praying for just the right person to come and be a house mother, and praying Janet can return as the housekeeper. 

All of it is made right, though, at my favorite moment of the day (no matter which side of the Atlantic I'm on!)... Bus stop pick up!  The way my kids (now it's only Molly!) run to my arms in a huge hug is a total day maker for me!  It's the same when nine precious faces hurry across the street in the afternoon here, full of excited hugs and giggles!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for this home, for the chance to continue in the lives of these children, and for the chance to get to see and serve them every day during our summer visits-- it's just too much!!  

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