Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We've eaten well this trip. It hasn't been Robert's favorite, because he used to exist solely on the egg rolls and fanta at Hotel Paradise on the Nile. He's been very supportive of my cooking, though, and last night we went out with a bang... Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and fried okra!  Mangadalene helped me with all the breading, and she was absolutely delighted when I pulled the golden, crispy  pieces out of the pot!  Robert had to demonstrate how to eat a drumstick, and  everyone was happy!  :-)

The kids have all been interested in watching and learning about the cooking (and some just want to hang out in the kitchen with me-- LOVE!) Last night, we had everyone in the kitchen at some point!  They were amazed.

At bedtime, Moses (the oldest boy at the orphanage, not Moses the house papa!) came to me with a pen and paper and said, "can you please write how to cook the sweet meat you put on our beans?"  BACON!!!  ;). 
Robert and I found bacon (at an "American supermarket" run by an Indian man, with many of the labels in Arabic.) As an interesting side note, the labels on the bacon were in Arabic!! 
The full package is not pictured here, but it was called "streaky bacon."  Not sure what that's all about, but it fried up just like bacon!  

We had eaten American food all week, and while that's what Moses asked for, I wanted to give them something that tasted more like "home" to them, so Sunday I made a huge pot of beans, and Mary helped me make posho. The bacon was my little touch, and we have at least one new convert!  

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