Thursday, July 23, 2015

My kingdom for...

Many times this week I have wished for things.  Here is a sampling:

My kingdom for...

The rhythm in the big toe of the praise guy at Pastor Henry's church! (I have never seen anyone who moves like him!  Every year I am amazed. I have said before that I want to be in the African part of Heaven if I'm going to spend eternity praising God. I just hope there's not a dance-off required for entry!)

A Skype call to Shan (so she could teach me how to make homemade spaghetti sauce!)

A bucket of lacrosse balls (the guys on the youth team in Kampala have one ball... And it kept getting lost in this pile...

My bug bands! (For the first five days we were in Jinja, we could not find our big bands. The mosquitoes were awful, and I actually learned to make breakfast in the dark so I didn't have to turn on the light and attract them! I also learned that if you leave a pot soaking overnight, no fewer than one million mosquitoes will breed in it by morning!) 

More abrasive body wash (there is NO WAY to get the red dirt off with no water pressure and just a washcloth)

Non exfoliating bath wash (I thought the exfoliating beads would help with the dirt, but with no water pressure, you can't get them off!). 

Chlorox wipes (God provided these!!!  Water to wine would not have been a better miracle to me right then! Maybe.)

A glass of wine (actually two!  The first one was to trap the 9,000 fruit flies that live in the kitchen on all that fresh produce we got at the market!!)

Water pressure 

And, let's be real:
A fridge, 
A washing machine,
Oven (in that order!)

Sewing machine (I spent several hours the other night mending clothes and uniforms!)

Dominoes (the ability to say, "I'm not going to the supermarket for meat today!")

A second serving spoon! (Though in retrospect, I'm not sure I would have used it. You become more conservative with dishes when you know you will be hand washing them later!)

A road around Kampala to get from Jinja to the Entebbe airport! ( Nowhere else in the world have I seen traffic like in Kampala at rush hour.  They have "just begun building" a road, so perhaps by the time I'm 80 it will exist!)

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