Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jinja lax

What awesome opportunities we have had this trip for Robert to continue working with the Uganda lacrosse league!  Sam Otoa, the one for whom we brought the defensive poles, is putting together a team here in Jinja, and is working so hard!  He's arranged for his team (the Zulus) to play their first game next weekend (so wish we could be there!!!) in Kampala against a YMCA team that is there (the way he makes it sound, it's a lot of expat families). The Zulus are so nervous. They are piecing together equipment for everyone and trying to learn a game which they have never seen played!  Sam was so excited to have Robert here to help them, that he called practices for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings!  Each night, just like in the U.S., I would prepare dinner here and then take Robert to practice, and we would come home to eat. 

The first night, it was just the defense, coming to learn how to use their new poles. 
Sam never stops telling everyone about how great lacrosse is...Even children who passed by walking home from school!  

Last year we brought some pinnies and shorts from DS Lax to share with the street kids Robert was teaching lacrosse to. This year we shared the rest with the Jinja guys. You may recognize some shorts and pinnies in these pics!  

We were playing at the biggest field in Jinja, and we got chased off the field each night by the soccer guys. Take a look at this field...
Yes, that is a cow in the goal. 
Moses actually drove ONTO the field to drop us off. Another cow.  
And this one literally watched the practice with me!  (Bonus... No one needs to mow the field!)
I'm thinking they should change their team name and make the cow their mascot!  

Robert showed the tallest guys on the team how to lengthen their stride in order to be faster...
He taught them some drills, worked on stick skills and footwork, and demonstrated a few plays. 
Best part... After three days of practice, Sam told Robert that the guy in red, who is the fastest guy on the team, does not speak a WORD of English!  Sam said, "truly, he did not understand anything you have said."  ;-). 

Robert had so much fun with these guys, and it was great to see more of the desire that guys like Sam have to continue growing the game, and the commitment they have made of their time and energy (and money) to make it happen. We are looking forward to seeing this team again next year, and hoping there are some future Team Uganda guys here!  Go Zulus! 

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